About Dr. Reilly

LCSW, Parent Coordinator, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator
Executive Director

     Dr. Reilly is a Licensed Therapist, Child Therapist, Play Therapist, Adolescent Counselor, Adult Counselor, Family Counselor, Co-parent Counselor, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Parent Coordinator, Life Coach, and Marriage & Couple's Counselor.  He has over twenty years professional experience working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. 
"Dr. Ernie" and his office has a warm, relaxed, family friendly feel. He has a wonderful ability to connect with children, teenagers, college students, adults, couples, and families. He has extensive training and experience in treating childhood issues, relationship issues, marriage issues, co-parenting issues, divorce issues, high conflict divorce issues, forgiveness issues, depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, grief issues, unmanageable behavior problems, ADHD, school problems, eating disorders, attachment issues, concentration and focus difficulties, separation issues, medical illness issues, sexual acting-out problems, aggression, and other childhood, teenage, and adult emotional, relational, psychological, and behavioral difficulties. 

     Dr. Reilly has won the Central Florida Victim Services Award for mental health treatment. He presents both locally and nationally on mental health treatment. He also regularly provides training for the local colleges, universities, seminaries, athletic organizations, hospitals and treatment facilities. He is one of the founders of the Central Florida Chapter of CHADD - the local ADHD support organization.  He is also one of the pioneers of the Central Florida Chapter of the Association for Play Therapy.  

     Many family situations can be extremely complex and sensitive in nature, especially if legal factors may be involved. In those situations, a less trained therapist can often create additional confusion and unnecessary tension. For this reason, Dr. Reilly is not only a highly trained therapist, he is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, a qualified Parent Coordinator, an expert in high conflict divorces, and is also trained in the Interdisciplinary Model of Collaborative Family Law and can function as a neutral mental health professional in legal cases when needed. This additional education and training can often help greatly reduce tension, confusion, family turmoil, expense, and can be a blessing for all family members.

     On the other hand, sometimes life's issues are less complex, do not need as much intense psychological assistance, and simply need a bit of good coaching, expert advice, and guidance. When this is the case Dr. Reilly often serves as a life coach. "Coach Reilly's" ability to connect with people of all ages, his insights, his training, and his twenty years experience can be very helpful as people work on life choices, goal attainment, problem solving, finding effective strategies, maximizing strengths, and improving their quality of life. This can also frequently result in early intervention and resolution of underlying issues before more complex issues develop down the road. In addition to providing family therapy as an option, "Coach Reilly" also offers "parent coaching" or parent training for parents who are struggling with parenting, co-parenting, or parent/child issues. He also offers coaching for marriages and relationships as a marriage coach. Dr. Reilly also specializes in sports psychology and helping young athletes reach their full potential.

     Dr. Reilly has also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Central Florida teaching graduate students how to work with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.  In addition, Dr. Reilly is approved by the State of Florida to supervise mental health counselors, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists as they meet their licensing requirements. He also supervises child therapists and play therapists as they develop the necessary training and expertise to treat complex childhood issues and meet their certification requirements.

Dr. Reilly received his undergraduate degree from Florida State University and graduate degrees from Florida State University and Asbury Theological Seminary. His doctoral dissertation focused on working with divorce, co-parenting, and ways to develop healthy family relationships, cooperative co-parenting, ways to help and families children in high conflict situations, forgiveness and healing. He completed his post graduate training at Orlando Regional Healthcare System and Arnold Palmer Hosptial for Children and Women.  In addition to his private practice, Dr. Reilly has served as a supervisor and more recently as a paid consultant for mental health programs at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Women and the Howard Phillips Center. 


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Dr. Reilly Offers hour long sessions at self pay rates. Sliding Scales are negotiated and approved by the therapist themselves.


Some specializations include


Divorce Cases

Divorce is traumatic and disruptive to the lives of everyone involved. For children the trauma can be particularly intense. Contrary to what some will say, children, as a whole, do not handle divorce well. Children are expected to form strong attachments to both parents, to the notion of a strong family unit, as well as, the notion of two parents together in one home. Divorce involves the collapse of many ingrained social expectations for the child. Deep inside, most children, no matter how tough they may seem to be, become frightened, confused, insecure, vulnerable, hurt, depressed, overwhelmed, angry, and conflicted in their emotions toward each of the parents


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Marriage & Couples Counseling

Some couples need minor adjustments to get back on their feet and some need a major overhaul to save their relationship, marriage, or family. Some couples come to counseling to prevent problems from occurring in the future and some come to solve current problems or heal from past relationship wounds.



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Anxiety & Depression

Fears, anxiety, or stress may begin to interfere with a child's normal daily routine or needed activities (school, eating, sleeping). When this occurs, the child would be well served to see a child therapist for a short period of time. Usually a professional can help the child quickly discover where the fear, anxiety, or stress is coming from and help them find a way to resolve it. This type of assistance can free your child up to continue to live a normal life and may prevent more serious problems that can develop from persistent fears, anxiety, or stress. At the Counseling Corner some of our therapist specialize in treating childhood anxiety.


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Child & Play Therapy

Play therapy is to children what talk therapy is to adults. Play is a child’s language. Adolescents and adults use languages like English, Spanish, French to express themselves. However, no matter what verbal language children speak, children express themselves best through their natural language—the language of play. In the playroom, toys, games and activities are used like words. Children are provided therapeutic toys to enable them to say with the toys what they have difficulty saying with words…. They can use dolls, puppets, paints, or other toys to say what they think or how they feel. Many times difficult things happen in life and even the adults involved have difficulty understanding or explaining the events or their feelings about the events. It is easy to see why children, who lack the verbal skills of an adult, find it even more difficult.

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Adolescent & Young Adult Therapy

“Some adolescents / teenagers have minor issues and just need a little assistance to get back on their feet and back on track. Whereas some adolescents / teenagers have very serious issues such as teenage depression, eating disorders, teenage violence, substance abuse, and many more serious issues that need more significant interventions. Some teens go to counseling to prevent problems from occurring in the future and some come to solve current problems or heal from past wounds.

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