Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I assume that all therapists do the same type of work and specialize in the same areas of counseling?

  • A: All therapists are not the same. No therapist is good at every type of therapy or with every population so know what you want and find a therapist that does that type of work. There are as many different types of therapists as there are doctors and nobody would want to need a heart doctor but to get seen by an eye doctor. In addition, there are vast differences between the quality of service and training available in the field of counseling. Picking just any therapist is a sure recipe for disaster and is probably the number one error that people make when looking for a therapist. There is too much on-going training needed in each area of specialty for someone to treat all clients.

Q: Should I simply pick a provider off my insurance list?

  • A: This is the most common way to pick a therapist, but it is usually not the best way. Remember, a preferred provider list is just a list of providers who have contracts with your insurance company.  It does not say much of anything about the therapist except he/she meets the basic requirements of your insurance provider.  Try to pick based on quality of work, reputation and make sure you feel comfortable when you go see the therapist.  

Q: What if I have unique needs?

  • A: Many clients have unique needs. Some clients need weekend appointments, some need evening hours, some need insurance billing and some clients prefer not to have mental health issues run through their insurance coverage. If you know that you need something, simply find a provider that meets that need. They are out there, if you look.

Q: How long should counseling take?

  • A: Just like any other job, it depends on how much damage has been done, how severe the problem is and how motivated you are to do the work to fix it. The process could be accomplished in a session or two or it could take quite a bit longer. It also depends upon how willing the person(s) involved are to do the work required in therapy and how may strengths, skills or talents, they already have to draw upon.  Therapy is really just a tool to fix emotional, psychological, behavioral or relationship problems and a tool is only useful if you use it.  Counseling is no different. It is also important to get the right therapist for the job you want done. You don't call a plumber to fix a roof, you don't see a foot doctor for a broken arm. Find a therapist who actually specializes in treating the problem area.

Q: How are counseling goals set?

  • A: Much like when you go to a physician, there are some problems that need to be worked on right away or severe consequences are likely to occur. Then, there are some problems that are important but not essential. And, of course, there are always some problems that are minor and could be fixed or ignored. The client is always in charge of what they choose to work on and how many issues they would like to work on. The therapist will make an assessment, make some recommendations and then the client(s) will chose what they want to accomplish. In the case of a child, the parent will chose what they wish to have worked on.

Q: What are the therapist's credentials and experience and what are the therapist's areas of specialty?

  • A: This is essential. Be very careful to make sure the therapist actually specializes in and is highly-trained in the area of counseling that you need. At the Counseling Corner, all of our therapist are licensed therapists and were specifically selected because they are highly-trained specialists in child counseling, adolescent counseling, young-adult counseling, adult counseling, marriage counseling, or family counseling. Most of our therapists have a minimum of ten years or more experience in the field of counseling.

Q: What access will I have to my therapist by phone? Will I have access to my therapist 24/7, after hours, just during business hours, or do I simply get voice mail or an answering service?

  • A: The Counseling Corner can give you access to a therapist twenty-four hours a day, if needed.

Q: Does the therapist have a location near my family and me?

  • A: Some practices will have excellent locations, some will have more then one location to serve your needs better -- ask them. At the Counseling Corner we have several locations to serve your needs.

Q: If I have insurance, will the therapist bill my insurance for me?

  • A: Most therapist should do this for you.  At the Counseling Corner we will bill most insurance companies for you.

Q: What forms of payment does the therapist take for co-pays and/or balances?

  • A: The Counseling Corner will work with you to make payment as easy as possible. We take all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, etc.), checks, cash or insurance.

Q: How quickly can the therapist provide me with an appointment?

  • A: Some specialists take longer to see then others.  However, most therapy offices should be able to get you in within three to four weeks. The Counseling Corner knows when you call it is usually because you need help right away. We strive to get all clients in within two to three days if it is an emergency and can almost always see clients within two - four weeks.